Two Past Midnight Creates Innovation for Future Bucknell A Cappella


Props to Two Past Midnight. For real. Limited by the shitty microphones that Performance Services supplies student groups, Two Past put on an epic concert on a bright Sunday afternoon in Trout Auditorium. Bucknell A Cappella is easily type casted and generalized, but this concert reassured me and the other awed viewers that Two Past Midnight brings something different to the table than anyone else. The members of Two Past Midnight showed some innovation on a few different levels. First of all, the bass background singer was always mic’d up. That’s really cool because the bass part is the basis (bass-is hahah) for the chord progressions and vocals used. This helped Two Past produce a consummate and full sound that other a cappella groups may lack. Mic’ing the bass is a simple trick that goes a long way for the group’s sound.

Additionally, the arrangements were extremely alternative and innovative. While other a cappella groups may stick to the original chord vocals in order to capture the essence of the songs, Two Past introduced alternative chords, adding diminished and augmented notes. They additionally switched tempo and feel constantly, which is very difficult to do when you have 14 people trying to sing in unison.

Perhaps what capstoned Two Past’s performance was its brevity. I do not mean this in a negative manner—by emphasizing full, exercised, and master performances of only nine performances, Two Past Midnight durably engaged their audience without loss of interest.

Great concert Two Past Midnight, good luck in the future!