Upgrade Now: A Friendly Guide to Spotify Premium


First came radio. Then came records, which were followed by cassettes and CD’s.  Itunes brought forth the mp3 revolution, changing music forever. But you can forget about all that now, because Spotify Premium is your one stop shop for all your music!

Spotify currently has three plans available for membership. Here is the breakdown:







-Millions of songs

-Create and share playlists

-Mobile radio

-Free...yup, its free.

-Great for beginners

-Ads. Ads. Ads.

-No mobile streaming

-No offline mode



-Millions of songs

-Create and share playlists

-Mobile radio

-No ads

-Nothing else….

-$4.99 a month

-No mobile streaming

-No offline mode



-Millions of songs

-Create and share playlists

-Mobile streaming

-Download playlists

-Offline mode

-One month free trial

-Mobile listening!!!

-Ipod, Ipad, Android

-$9.99 a month

-Still lacking certain artists

    Personally, I was a loyal fan of Spotify Free until this September. I was content with annoying ads and using my iPod for portable listening. Spotify served mostly as a music player in my room. I’d plug in my headphones at my desk and enter musical bliss, only to be interrupted by McDonalds telling me about delicious, golden chicken nuggets.

One day, I thought, "Why not?" and tried the one month free trial of Premium. As my free month comes to an end, I can only say Oh. My. Gosh. Spotify Premium has me hooked. I feel like I am stealing. Once you experience ad-free Spotify, you will never want to go back to Ford badgering you again. This also eliminates the pop-up ads, my least favorite type. But really, there is one feature that defines my Premium Experience--mobile streaming.

I haven’t used my iPod in ages. I can’t even remember the last time I connected my iPod to my computer. The process of downloading (whether legally or illegally) music and putting it on my iPod now seems laborious and unnecessary. My smartphone is now my portable music player.  And it’s not only playlists, but the whole Spotify library that is available on mobile. You can look up a new artist while on the treadmill, or make a new playlist while studying in 7th Street. It really is that limitless.

I ran my own laboratory tests on mobile streaming. I listened to my playlists uninterrupted in all levels of the library, the cardio room, the free-weight room, the caf, and most surprisingly, the field house. Spotty wifi can lead to a break time between songs, but I never really noticed it while working out.

Spotify Free and Unlimited can use the mobile app, but only for the radio function. This function is very similar to Pandora. It basically is internet radio based off your likes. You can like songs on mobile and view your likes on your computer. Premium includes radio, streaming, and mobile downloading.

So, should you upgrade to Premium? Short answer, yes. Long answer, YES! The cost can be a deterrent but, according to Spotify, they give “approaching 70% of ALL of our revenue (advertising and subscription fees) to rights holders: artists, labels, publishers, and performing rights societies”. (Spotify Artist Services)

Spotify can be downloaded from their website and the app is available free in the appstore and Google Play for android.