Vindata: Up-and-Coming Melodic EDM Artist


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Before we get into this, you have to ask yourself immediately: are you ready to bounce? Up-and-coming EDM duo, Branden and Jared under the artist name Vindata, are not an EDM group who will make you want to rage; rather, they are the creators of smooth, liquefied, quasi-trap tracks. I was browsing around on Soundcloud one afternoon and happened to stumble upon one of their biggest remixes, a remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Beating Heart”. From the first tone of the song I was addicted to the track, and found myself zoning out and being taken away to a different place by the music.

Founded just four years ago, the DJ duo is fairly new to the scene, but they certainly have some experience under their belts with producing and creating original art as well as remixes. As I started listening to the rest of their repertoire, I realized that Vindata has a superbly diverse range of songs. Some of their older music, much more akin to the dubstep style of EDM that blew up some years ago, has a grittier and less euphoric sound at first, but still maintains a production quality that is extremely impressive. Their more recent releases tend to sway more on the side of love-step, or a very trance-like and euphoric style of EDM. In my opinion, Vindata’s music is perfectly versatile in its applications, ranging from great study music to those tracks you pull out at a party late at night when everybody’s just feeling it.

Check out Vindata’s track, “Keep On”, if you’re still curious about their vibes!

Vindata’s first EP release, For One to Follow, is an absolutely incredible compilation of four unique tracks. The opening song, “All I Really Need”, features vocals from the sweet, entrancing voice of Kenzie May and mixes them effortlessly with a very stripped-down melody that has all that it needs to be a perfect song without any extra bells and whistles getting in the way of the feeling of the song as a whole, like many Drum and Bass, EDM, and trap artists tend to do so frequently. A later track from the EP, “Recognize”, takes on a much more Drum & Bass tone, but still captures the EP’s overall essence of euphoria.

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On their Soundcloud, Vindata has a small group of mixtapes they’ve compiled, which I’ve found to be perfect mixes to use when you’re trying to crank out some work without letting the music get in the way.

It is Vindata’s remixes that really set them apart as a worthy EDM group, though. One of my personal favorites is their remix of ODESZA’s “Without You”. The track is done so well, and completely captures that incredibly smooth vibe that is so crucial to their sound. If you’re a fan of artists like Flume, Blackmill, or What So Not, you should most definitely give Vindata a listen- they will not disappoint!