Visual Powerhouse "Midnight Conspiracy" Is Coming to Sig Ep


What do you get when you mix one part machine, one part bass drop and a spectacle of a laser light show that competes with a Disney parade? Midnight Conspiracy. Friday night at 9 at SigEp’s uphill house, this Chicago based duo (occasionally performing as a trio) is a must see as their dubstep songs accompany the giant 6ft LED eye, dubbed “Eye Live” that takes center stage in a frenzy of laser lights.

The group got their start when member Mikul threw underground parties in the basement of his art gallery. After meeting Louis, the duo continued these soirees until they got their big break at a New Year’s Eve show and after party with Justice.  Now, they’ve toured throughout the country and are known for their extraordinary live performances that even according to their website is something that can only be understood firsthand.

So prepare yourselves Bucknell, in their biography which can be read in full at they claim that you’ll leave the performance with three questions: “What is the Midnight Conspiracy? Who is behind it? Where did the last two hours of my life go?”  

Check out their soundcould (below) and be sure to give a listen to Satellite, a song that’s as though the Phantom of the Opera sat down and had coffee with Skrillex.  But for an even better idea of what to expect visit the band’s YouTube page (or check it out right above)  for the behind the scenes look at the Eye, the lasers and even more of their songs.  But as they seem to warn us, we won’t fully know what we’re getting into until we’re there, but at least we know it’s bound to be mind blowing.   


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