Warped Tour 2014: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be There


While it pains me to say this, being an avid snowboarder, there is no doubt that these warm flashes of weather we’ve been getting can only point to one thing: the inevitable advent of Spring. Aside from warmer weather, blossoming flowers, and lots of rain, Spring also signifies the rush of festivals and concert tours that can barely wait until Summer to arrive. While some of the more up-and-coming festivals have really been taking Bucknell’s campus by storm the past few years (Bonnaroo, Firefly, Coachella, etc.), an old personal favorite of mine deserves the same credit and exposure: The Vans Warped Tour. Ever since I was a little kid messing around and tinkering with old mechanical junk in my dad’s garage, I’ve been listening to alternative rock and grunge. The only radio station we were ever allowed to have on was 92.7, WRRV—an alternative rock/90’s grunge station, and every year around Spring time the station would start to advertise its free ticket giveaways for the Warped Tour. This started in 1995 when Vans sponsored the first-ever Warped Tour festival series.

When the tour kicked off, it showcased primarily punk rock bands, but quickly evolved year after year. During the late nineties, of course, alternative rock bands such as the Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam were some of the main openers for the festival.

In more recent years, another sizeable shift has been seen in the music that is showcased at Warped Tour. With this comes an inevitable sense of betrayal and despair from classic fans, but that’s just the way the music scene works. I, for one, will always be an avid follower of the music Warped Tour supports and displays, and will fight for these bands with no reserve. In the past few recent years, Warped Tour has been a refreshing mix of metal, hardcore, alternative, pop punk, punk, rock, and even some R&B bands; and this year, they continue that eclectic trend.

So, without further ado, here are my five reasons why you should hit up the 2014 Vans Warped Tour:

1)      General Admission tickets are $35

If someone told me that I could literally see all of my favorite bands play in one outdoor vicinity in the same day for $35 I’d either tell them they’re full of sh*t, or I’d ask them for a ride to Warped Tour. It’s that simple.

2)      Ample opportunities to go backstage and meet with bands

The scene at Warped is just awesome—when your favorite bands aren’t playing they’re just walking around, chilling backstage, or hanging out under a merch tent somewhere waiting for you to say hi to them. I’ll never forget the day in 2013 when I was at Warped and randomly bumped into Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low and knocked his water bottle out of his hand by accident, only to receive a “Sup, dude!” Beyond that, there are always tons of raffles going on giving away backstage passes to meet up with some of the festivals bigger bands. It’s a pretty wild scene.

3)      It’s their 20th anniversary!

Yeah, 20 damn years. Most of us are just barely older than this festival, if not the same age, so give generation Y (1990-1994, in case you were wondering) some credit and go check this out.

4)      Bowling For Soup will be there

If you don’t know a Bowling For Soup song, then, I’m really not sure you should even be reading this article, let alone on this website. Bowling For Soup is a throwback staple in pop punk music and helped kids like me get through the pitiful excuse that some people called music that came around at the start of the 21st century. If you still need some help, does “1985,” or “Girl All the Bad Guys Want” sound familiar? I rest my case.

5)      There WILL be one by you

Warped Tour is one of those festivals that does not discriminate by geographical location. Will dates in over 30 states, in virtually all major cities, the Vans Warped Tour is just such an accessible concert. If you’ve heard of a venue capable of catering to outdoor performances, there’s a great chance that the Warped Tour will be passing through this Summer. So you should probably just go, right?

There are my five reasons why everyone should make it out to one of these festivals. For the price, it is simply an unbeatable experience and is so worth checking out, for those of you who have little experience with the artist list or genre. Check out their website for a list of bands that will be performing and dates and locations! And go here to purchase tickets!

[Image source: Wikipedia.com]