Weekly Event Breakdown - February 23rd


As the weather slowly warms up, it’s time for you to come out of hibernation and see what the melting snow will reveal.  Along with the bikes that were, unfortunately, left out before the first big snow, there are some really cool musical performances that will make their Bucknell Spring debut; both The Clay Jenkins Quartet and Romano Drom will be performing at Bucknell on Wednesday February 26th.

The Clay Jenkins Quartet will perform on campus February 26 at 7:30 in Bucknell Hall.  The Quartet, made up of Clay Jenkins, Harold Danko, Jeff Campbell and Rich Thompson, are all jazz faculty at the Eastman School of Music.  On top of being jazz scholars, these talented musicians all have pretty rad performance careers; Jenkins has played with the Stan Kenton Orchestra and has recorded a bunch of live albums, Danko has been featured on recordings, television and radio, Campbell performs often and has appeared on NPR, and Thompson played at the 1997 President’s Inaugural Ball with the Count Basie Orchestra and has also recorded an impressive number of times.  So remember, Bucknell hall-February 26th at 7:30 to listen to these masters play; it’s totally free and open to the public!

If the jazz quartet doesn’t light your fire, also on February 26th, Romano Drom will be performing at 7:30 at the Campus Theater.  The style of Romano Drom (“Gypsy’s Road”) is deeply rooted in Olah Gypsy music but incorporates world music and modern music trends into their scores to appeal to a larger group of people.  It’s definitely going to be a unique experience and an awesome way to get a break from your typical Bucknell Wednesday night experience.

If you’re free Wednesday the 26th, I would definitely recommend getting your culture on and checking out Romano Drom or the Clay Jenkins Quartet!

Morgan Klein