Weekly Event Breakdown: Week of 3/2


Spring Break is only a week a way, but that doesn’t mean the music around Bucknell is quieting down at all! Catch some of these awesome events before you head to wherever you’re going for this much-needed week off. (And hopefully you’re going somewhere with a little less crazy weather, too). March 2: At 3:30 PM at the Zion Lutheran Chapel in Sunbury, the Susquehanna Valley Chorale (SVC) is giving it’s second and last performance of Maurice Durufle’s Requiem, directed and conducted by Bucknell’s very own Dr. William Payn of the Music Department. Some of Bucknell’s faculty and students including Tom Carle ’14 and Alli Aaron ’16 are performing with SVC as well as Professor Emily Martin-Moberley and Professor Ryan Malone from the Music Department. The performance also features the Susquehanna Valley Orchestra and returning soloists Elizabeth Duhr-Ramirez (mezzo-soprano) and Tim LeFebvre (tenor).

March 5: At 7PM in Bucknell Hall, the Matt Mitchell Quartet is performing a jazz set. This is the last performance of the Jazz @ Bucknell chamber series before the break so make sure you get a good dose of jazz before heading off.

March 6: In the Rooke Recital Hall at 7:30PM, Seppo Gründler is giving a performance of music, sound, communication art and tinkering. Gründler is a musician who uses electronics and extremely modern techniques to create a very machine-like and complex sound.

Also, for all you 21-and-over folk, Bucknell’s very own Thought Police is performing at the Smiling Chameleon, located on Market Street. Check out Jack’s article for more details on the event here. It’s sure to be a great time!

March 7: While you’re still in the Bucknell/Lewisburg Area, make sure to catch Christian Humcke ’15, a music composition major, pianist, and trombonist accompany F.W. Murnau’s silent classic, The Last Laugh.

Did I mention that all of these events are free and open to the public?! (Except the SVC event, there is a ticket price of $8 for students, but still!)

Have a great spring break everyone!