Weekly Event Breakdown: Week of 4/20


What’s up Campus Vinyl readers? For those of you who made it home for the holidays, we hope you enjoyed your stay, and for those who remained on campus, let’s take this brief opportunity to reflect on the awesome weekend we had in terms of musical events, from Chipfest to the multiple recitals popping up throughout our calendars! First off, this Thursday, the 24th we’ve got what will be an extremely awesome and unique Gamelan performance. This performance will take place on the patio outside of the Weis Center at 5pm. I checked the weather and we’re looking at some clouds and temperatures in the 60’s, so assuming that stays consistent this performance will definitely be something to see! For those unfamiliar with Bucknell’s Gamelan Ensemble and what style of music they perform, they are an eclectic group of students who perform traditional and modern music of Indonesia. Because their sound is just so difficult to describe and put to words, check out this video of one of their previous performances to get a taste of what to expect!

After that, get ready for the weekend, because we’ve got the Rooke Chapel Ringers Spring Concert scheduled for Saturday, the 26th. Their Spring Concert will take place in Rooke Chapel’s main sanctuary starting at 8pm. The Rooke Chapel Ringers, established in 1983 under the leadership of William Payn, will be performing a series of compositions created by Payn himself as well as Bucknell’s own Christian Humcke ’15. For some more information on this performance, check out Kathryn Kophick’s article on Bucknells website, here! (http://www.bucknell.edu/news-and-media/current-news/2014/april/rooke-chapel-ringers-in-concert-april-26.html) If you’re looking for a little preview of what to potentially expect from the Rooke Chapel Ringers, check out the video below of a performance of theirs at the Palmer Moravian Church in Easton, PA!

Those are the two main concerts happening this week- on tap for Saturday the 26th will also be Kathryn Nicolich ‘14’s Senior Flute Recital. This will be taking place at 4pm in the Natalie Davis Rooke Recital Hall, so if you’re available and looking for something to do before dinner, be sure to go support your fellow Bucknellian for what is sure to be an awesome performance! Hang in there are we try to get through these last two weeks before finals, Bucknell- we’re almost there.