Weekly Event Breakdown Week of March 16, 2014


Ease yourself out of spring break mode and back into day-to-day life at Bucknell by attending some musical events around campus this week!  Start off with a visit to the Samek Art Gallery for Afrotechtopia, an all-around cultural exploration of the phenomenon of Afrofuturism.

Afrofuturism is an emerging cultural movement that seeks to question and examine the dilemmas facing people of color in present-day society.  It does so through art, music, film, and literature, asking its audience to consider how these expressions inform our collective envisioning of the future.  This is no doubt an interesting and insightful event and it’s completely free to attend taking place from 12-5 PM starting Sunday, March 16th, and continuing from Tuesday-Friday during the same times.

Finish out your week with a stop in 7th Street Café on Friday night for some open-mic time.  There’s always student talent lurking around, and this is a great way to just chill and discover some of it.  So grab a milkshake, relax, and enjoy some of the music brought to you by Bucknell.

Bucknell NewsLaura Yoo