Weekly Event Breakdown: Week of April 14th


How’s it going music lovers?  Hopefully the end of the semester is treating you all well – if not, there’s plenty of stuff going on this week to ease the tension!  

Starting us off on Sunday (4/14) at 2:00pm we have the highly acclaimed Josh (’15) and Zach (’15) Berliner’s Sophomore Jazz Recital.  Josh, who will be on the trombone, and Zach, who will be on the saxophone, will be playing in the Natalie Davis-Rooke Recital Hall.  Alongside the Berliners will be Alex Horowitz (’16) on bass, Christian Humcke ('15), Jordan Makansi ('14) on piano, and Tommy James on drums.  Featuring a repertoire based out of the cool and hard-bop jazz era and a reception afterword (yes, with free food), this is the perfect event to break up your Sunday evening cramming.  Check out the event on Facebook here [https://www.facebook.com/events/531032353614575/?ref=ts&fref=ts].


Also on Sunday (4/14) will be The Offbeats annual spring concert.  Taking place in the Bucknell Hall at 2:30pm, they will be selling tickets at the door for $5.  The Offbeats is Bucknell’s newest co-ed acapella group, and they always bring an interesting and refreshing twist to the top-100 songs that we can only hear so many times on the radio.  Make sure to come out, seeing as it will be the last performance for the senior members! You can buy tickets online here [https://tickets.bucknell.edu/] and you can check out the Facebook event page here [https://www.facebook.com/events/170046586484049/?fref=ts].


The Weis Center has been pretty busy this month, and this tradition will continue on Wednesday (4/17)with the “Brazilian Duos” Lociana Souza and Romero Lubambo. Hailing from Brazil, Souza offers a sophisticated lineage in world music, and is one of the leading singers in jazz right now.  This performance will continue the Jazz series at Bucknell this semester, but it is definitely going to be unique and unlike anything we have featured here before!  Watch the video below to hear a bit of Souza’s work and to listen to her talk a little about her latest album.  The performance begins at 7:30pm and is free of charge, so there is no reason to not let this be your mid-week musical splurge!



Finally, we cap off the week with yet another event at The Weis Center.  The Bucknell Opera Company will be performing Saturday evening at 7:30pm.  A tradition over 20 years old, the BU Opera is composed primarily of music majors, but is not limited to students in that field of study.  The group boasts an extremely talented and diverse collection of students, and – as if that wasn’t enough to convince you to check it out – this event is also free!


So, to recap:







Josh & Zach Berliner

Sophomore Jazz Recital

Natalie Davis Rooke Recital Hall


Apr. 14th @ 2:00pm


The Offbeats

Spring Concert

Bucknell Hall


Apr. 14th @ 2:00pm

$5 (tickets online or at door)

Luciana Souza (ft. Romero Lubambo)

Jazz Performance

The Weis Center


Apr. 17th @ 7:30pm



BU Opera

Opera Performance

The Weis Center


Apr. 20th @ 7:30pm