Weekly Event Breakdown: Week of April 28th


“Finals week is the least stressful time of my semester!” –said no college student ever.  We here at Campus Vinyl BucknellU dislike stress more than just about anything (except maybe country music depending on which  CV Journalist you ask).  But stress, of course, is essentially inevitable.  So what do we suggest doing to alleviate some of that pre-finals anxiety?  Listen to music! In terms of on-campus events, this week is pretty light with the exception of several recitals on Sunday, April 28th.  The first of which will begin at 1:00pm on Sunday.  It is a piano studio recital and will be held in the Natalie Davis-Rooke Recital Hall.  The piano recital will feature students of Dr. Cathal Breslin and Dr. Sezi Seskir.

Later on that afternoon at 4:00pm, Bucknell student Kelli Bruno (’13) will be screening her film “BE” with live accompaniment on the piano.  For those of you who know Bruno, you know her talents are extremely diverse.  She is also a member of Beyond Unison, whose Spring Concert was just this past weekend.  If you missed her at BU’s Spring Concert, I highly encourage you to see the screening of her student film and her live accompaniment on the piano at 4:00pm in the Natalie Davis-Rooke Recital Hall.

Finally, immediately following Bruno’s recital will be a flute recital by the students of Artist Affiliate Leslie Cullen.  This will begin at 5:30pm, and will also be in the Natalie Davis-Rooke Recital Hall.  All of these recitals are free to attend, and should be the perfect way to break up that research paper you waited until the last minute to start!

The last event on Sunday will be the Rooke Chapel Choir’s Annual Spring Concert “Prisms of Light.”  It will be held in Rooke Chapel and is set to begin at 7:30pm.  Some of the songs featured in the concert will be Morten Lauridsen's "Lux Aeterna”, Samuel Barber's transcription of "Adagio for Strings", and Ola Gjeilo’s "The Ground”.  Additionally, the choir will honor the victims of the Boston Marathon incident by singing Jeffery Ames’ "In Remembrance".  It should be a very diverse collection of songs that ought to keep anyone on their toes!

The last major event on campus will be on Wednesday, May 1st.  It will conclude the series of Jazz concerts for Jazz Appreciation Month here at Bucknell, and will take place in the Bucknell Hall. The concert will feature Gary Thomas on the flute and tenor sax, Bobby Avey on the piano and Phil Haynes on the drums.  It will also include special guests on the trumpet and bass.  The concert begins at 8:30 pm, and is sure to be a great conclusion to your reading day!

And that pretty much concludes your on-campus events calendar for the semester.  If you're staying on campus, keep an eye out for some potential summer concerts.  We're going to do our best to keep you all updated with our summer journalists as the campus quiets down for the summer.  Enjoy the week, and best of luck with finals!

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Students of Dr. Cathal Breslin and Dr. Sezi Seskir

Piano Recital

Natalie Davis-Rooke Recital Hall

Sunday, Apr. 28th @ 1:00pm


Kelli Bruno

Film showing w/ piano accompaniment

Natalie Davis-Rooke Recital Hall

Sunday, Apr. 28th @ 4:00pm


Students of

Leslie Cullen

Flute Recital

Natalie Davis-Rooke Recital Hall

Sunday, Apr. 28th @ 5:30pm


Rooke Chapel Choir

Spring Concert “Prisms of Light”

Rooke Chapel

Sunday, Apr. 28th @ 7:30pm


Gary Thomas, Bobby Avey, Phil Haynes

Jazz Concert

Bucknell Hall

Wednesday, May 1st@ 8:30pm