Weekly Event Breakdown: Week of March 15th


[Image source: bucknell.edu] Looking to get back into the music scene upon your return to campus? This edition of the Weekly Event Breakdown will have you covered and help you ease back into the impending doom that is the workload of the second half of the spring semester!

Wednesday, March 18th @ 7:00 pm in the ELC Forum- Concert by a Klezmer Band (West of Odessa)

Around the student space trying to get some work done? Take a break and head up to the ELC Forum to check out klezmer band West of Odessa perform. Equipped with a clarinetist, and percussionist (and a tsimbl—check the event out if that sounds at all intriguing to you!), West of Odessa will be pumping out soulful Eastern European-inspired tunes as a tribute to the retirement of Bucknell’s favorite Rabbi Serena Fujita.


[Image source: bucknell.edu]

Wednesday, March 18th @ 7:30 pm in the Weis Center Lobby- Matt Wilson Quartet with John Medeski

Come to the ever-so-intimate Weis Center Lobby on Wednesday night to check out the Matt Wilson Quartet and John Medeski perform a smooth jazz concert. The Wilson Quartet is led by renowned Jazz Drummer of the Year (2003) Matt Wilson, acclaimed for his fluidly stylistic performance behind a kit, and will be accompanied by John Medeski on the piano for an interesting mix.


Wednesday, March 18th @ 7:30 pm in Bucknell Hall- Fitzwilliam String Quartet Concert

Neither of those other two events sound appealing? Come check out the famous Fitzwilliam String Quartet at beautiful Bucknell Hall for what is sure to be an incredible performance! The Fitzwilliam String Quartet is no stranger to Bucknell’s campus, as they have performed here in previous years and blown students away. The British-based quartet is well-known for their usage of both historical and modern instruments in their performances, so if you missed them last year, definitely consider hitting up Bucknell Hall to check them out!


[Image source: bucknell.edu]