Weekly Event Breakdown: Week of March 29th


[Image source: commons.wikimedia.org] Get hit hard with homework your first week back from break and need some places to drown your sorrows and unwind from the insanity? This edition of the Weekly Event Breakdown will have you covered and help you ease back into the impending doom that is the workload of the final stretch of the spring semester!

Wednesday, April 1st @ 7:30 pm at the Campus Theatre- Concert by DrakhaBrakha

Come downtown to the Campus Theatre this Wednesday at 7:30 pm to check out world-music quartet DrakhaBrakha. Performing with an eclectic style blending different elements of sound and soul, DrakhaBrakha describe their style as “ethnic chaos.” With an additional experimentation with Uranian folk music, check out DrakhaBrakha this Wednesday at the Campus Theatre for a unique, memorable concert!

Purchase tickets here!


Friday, April 3rd @ 7:30 pm; Saturday, April 4th @ 2:00 pm; and Sunday, April 5th @ 7:30 pm in the Tustin Studio Theater- Choreographer’s Dance Showcase

Check out Tustin this weekend for the semesterly dance showcase! Put on toward the end of each semester, the choreographer showcase is a dance event (accompanied by a variety of music, of course!) where Bucknell students enrolled in the program showcase their choreographies as a part of their culminating experience with Bucknell student dance participants as a part of the show! It’s always an incredible event, and a great way to support your fellow Bucknellians! Tickets are $5 and can be purchased online, here.

Saturday, April 4th @ 2:00 pm at the Weis Center- The Peking Acrobats

Hitting up the dance showcase on Friday or Sunday and still looking for something to check out on Saturday? The Peking Acrobats have you covered. Come down to the Weis Center to witness the performance of this well-known crew! Having extended their popularity through performances on various television networks, The Peking Acrobats have a well-established reputation, and will surely impress here at Bucknell.