Welcome Propaganda to the Forefront of the Hip-Hop Scene


Jason Petty, better known as Propaganda, has been rapping for years but has only recently gained some serious ground for recognition within the hip-hop community.  Folk music, Sigur Rós, Sufjan Stevens, and Explosions in the Sky as named raise hopes for dynamic and unique artists -- and Propaganda does not disappoint.  Deeply rooted in his faith, Propaganda pulls from his childhood; “I was born the wrong color, in the wrong neighborhood…” and is “heavily influenced by folk music and found creative freedom in poetry,” Propaganda is raw, honest, and unafraid to try something new. Propaganda kicked off his 2012 album “Excellent” with a brutally honest spoken word piece and formally introduced himself as a hybrid of a hip-hop and spoken word artist. Even more, he asserts that he and his music defy all standard social norms.  The title track of his album already has nearly 200,000 views on YouTube and harkens back to his rap-battle days.

Propaganda’s unique sound combines powerful spoken word poetry with strong, innovative beats. His music is refreshingly natural and honest, as it explores without abandon and serves up a fully robust track list, which is steadily on the rise. He’s unapologetic in expressing his thoughts and feelings through deliberate lines and rhymes. Propaganda is fresh, practiced, and truly an enigma: the hip-hop world is not going to know what hit it.