What’s the Craic?: Some Irish Bands You Need to Hear


Last semester, I spent my time studying abroad in a swell little city called Galway, Ireland. While I was there, I learned all about the craic (Irish idiom for “fun”) in Ireland, which turned out to be abundant. It turns out that Galway, as well as the rest of Ireland, has a rich cultural history full of festivals, sports, and (my personal favorite) music. With that being said, I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you my appreciation for a few of the many talented Irish groups out there: Raging Sons

Limerick, Ireland


I actually got a chance to see these guys play at a popular music venue in Galway called Monroe’s. Sounds to me like an Irish Arctic Monkeys. So like the Irish Monkeys I guess. Anyway, I dig it.

Girl Band

Dublin, Ireland


Check out this cool Irish rock band and all the interesting noises they make in this song. They actually came to play in Galway in the fall but unfortunately I was out of town at the time.

The Dubliners

Dublin, Ireland (as you might have guessed)


Founded in 1962, this Irish folk band is a household name on the Emerald Isle. Here’s a clever song about being drunk every night for a week straight.

The Kilkennys


Living in Galway, I naturally heard this song in pubs all over the city. It’s great, too—very upbeat, fun and lighthearted. Everyone loves a Galway girl.

The Cranberries

Limerick, Ireland


The Cranberries is an alternative rock group that also incorporates elements of indie pop, post punk, Irish folk and pop rock elements in their music. This song of theirs “Zombie” came out a few years ago, and while it personally creeps me out a bit, everyone else seems to really like it.

Two Door Cinema Club

Bangor, United Kingdom


To be honest, I didn’t know Two Door Cinema Club was from Ireland until I sat down to write this article. In fact, I’ve heard the name but never actually listened to them before now. But it seems like quite a few others have, and I think I’ll join the hype—these indie rockers really know how to rock.


Dublin, Ireland


This soft rock band from Dublin has a lot of bright hit songs that are sure to make you feel good.

Dropkick Murphys

Quincy, Massachusetts (Irish American)


The Dropkick Murphys is a Celtic punk band from Quincy, Massachusetts. As it turns out, the largest ancestry in Massachusetts is actually Irish, but I’m sure many non-Irish people there like the Dropkick Murphys too.

Flogging Molly

Los Angeles, California (Irish American)


If you were a Playstation 2 gamer back in the day (or maybe you still prefer the classics), then I’m sure you’ve played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4. And if you’ve played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4, then I have no doubt that you are familiar with this one. The banjo lead gets me every time.


Dublin, Ireland


While on a bus tour departing from Dublin, we drove by a hotel that Bono owns and our guide told us the best Bono joke I’ve ever heard (albeit it’s the only Bono joke I’ve ever heard). Here it goes: “What’s the difference between God and Bono? God doesn’t think he’s Bono.” Once you’re done busting a gut, be sure to check out this U2 classic. I’m a fan, and I’ll bet the same goes for U2 (okay I’ll stop now).

Well, there you have it: a list of all my personal favorite Irish bands. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Slán!

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