Where Can I Get Some Undiscovered Music?


Hey Bucknell! Looking for some brand new music? Head over to bandcamp.com, where you can find tons of new, undiscovered, and rising artists, along with many old favorites, selling their music. The beauty of bandcamp is how the site promotes undiscovered artists by using a “pay-what-you-wish” strategy. Artists can list their music directly to the site for whatever price they feel is fair, and potential buyers will hear a preview prior to purchasing.  The site is similar to Kickstarter.com or Upworthy, given that bands who start to become heavily supported get a boost to the homepage, where more potential fans will have open access to them. I, for one, have discovered numerous bands through Bandcamp’s pay-what-you-wish feature, including favorites XXYXX and Young Jesus, the first being a psychedelic electronica musician who produces some sweet originals and cool remixes. Young Jesus, on the other hand, plays basic indie alternative style rock, inspired by the likes of Wilco, The National, Belle & Sebastian, and others. They are self-described as a Chicago-based “party-angst” indie band, with several EPs and one recent 2012 full-length entitled Home.

However, while discovering music is certainly the goal here, be sure to be supportive and, at least occasionally, kick the artists a few bucks for their work. While there’s certainly no rule against downloading for free from the site, Bandcamp is all about paying the artists directly and contributing money to each artist's cause. While downloading their music for free certainly promotes the artist, your ability to give some money to the artists you appreciate on this site separates Bandcamp from any old download or torrent website, and this difference is vitally important to the musicians the site supports. So kick a few bucks and get downloading some new tunes!










I have included links to the sites of some of my favorite bandcamp discoveries are below:

Indie rock/Indie folk group

Young Jesus (pictured above)

Shakey Graves

Electronic group


Pitch Black


 ... as well as links to some better known artists also sporting Bandcamp sites for album downloads.

http://music.sufjan.com/ - Sufjan Stevens

http://thenationalbrassland.bandcamp.com/ - The National