Where’s the Thanksgiving Music?


There’s an elephant in the room, so I’m going to take it upon myself to address it. Why isn’t Thanksgiving music a thing? After you’re done laughing at the seeming hilarity of this question, take a second and really think about it. There’s Halloween music, there’s Christmas music, there’s even Valentine ’s Day music, but where’s the Thanksgiving music? Every year, I walk into stores in October and the shelves are stocked with Halloween candy and costumes, yet when you talk into the stores in the beginning of November, the Halloween goods have magically been replaced with Christmas and other holiday goods. It’s like the employees forgot there was a holiday between the two. It’s such an awkward transition going form Halloween to the winter holidays and completely forgetting about Thanksgiving as Thanksgiving is actually the perfect transition between the two yet it gets no loving.

After doing a quick search on Google for some Thanksgiving tunes, there were links that directed me to what people claim to be Thanksgiving music but most of the songs, like “We are Family” by Sister Sledge are obviously songs that weren’t written with Thanksgiving in mind. However, if you’re looking for the top ten, and potentially the only ten, pop songs for Thanksgiving, make sure to check out this link!

In spite of my confusion, I decided to contact 2 Chainz as I figured a song about Thanksgiving would be right up his alley considering he already sings about forks, so turkey can’t be that out of the way. Anyways, despite my evidently strong argument, he cordially declined after introducing his email with “2 CHAINZ”. It seems he brings his song-writing game to emails.

Out of my burning frustration regarding the lack of Thanksgiving music, I decided to channel my inner songwriter and play my hand at writing a Thanksgiving song for all you readers to share with your loved ones over the holiday break. While it may not be making any top 40s list any time soon, I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it.

Thomas the Very Plump Turkey

(Sang to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer)

You know Gobbler and Stuffing and Gravy and Pumpkin Pie,

Potato and Carrot and Dinner Roll and Green Bean,

But do you recall?

The most infamous Turkey of all?

Thomas the Very Plump Turkey,

Had a very large belly,

And if you ever saw him

You would even say he’s overweight

All of the other turkeys

Used to laugh and call him names

They never let poor Thomas

Join in any turkey games

Then one hectic Thanksgiving Eve,

Grandma game to say,

Thomas with your belly so plump,

Can I cook you up tonight?

Then all the family loved him,

As they loosened their belts with shame

Thomas the very plump turkey

You’ll go down in history

And with that, I’ll bid you all adieu and wish you an entertaining, yet safe holiday season!

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