Who the [expletive] is Frightened Rabbit? And what is Pedestrian Verse?

Who the [expletive] is Frightened Rabbit?

Yeah. You may remember that sentiment from a few years ago, when a band by the name of Arcade Fire took the country by absolute storm and won a Grammy for Album of the Year, winning the award for their third studio album The Suburbs.

Remember this video?

Luckily, you won't have to worry about that this time around. Partly because of Arcade Fire's success, and partially because Frightened Rabbit is just a great band, it won't be long before their songs hit the radios and grace playlists on iPods everywhere.

Now.  Let's actually answer the question. Who the [expletive] is Frightened Rabbit? Here's where I confess that I once saw this band open for Death Cab for Cutie, and had no idea who they were. I've been following them ever since.

The band hails from Glasgow, Scotland, and they have been producing music together since they formed in 2003. On vocals, Scott Hutchison serves as the band's frontman, with brother Grant Hutchison on drums, Billy Kennedy on guitar and keyboard, Andy Monaghan on guitar and keyboard, and Gordon Skene also playing both guitar and keyboard. Scott was the first member of the band, which began as a solo act by the same name back in 2003, with Grant and other future members joining in 2004.

While the band's sound began incredibly lo-fi, their music has blossomed in recent years, with 2008 release The Midnight Organ Fight, 2010's The Winter of Mixed Drinks, and now Pedestrian Verse in 2013. If you've previously heard their music, it was likely off The Winter of Mixed Drinks album, which includes their biggest hit to date, "Swim Until You Can't See Land." Go ahead and check out the video below if you're ready to hear Hutchison sing about unfettered ambition and courage.

Hutchison maintains a penchant for sarcasm and cynicism (https://twitter.com/FRabbits). These traits run deep into his lyrics, which tend to fall on the darker, more personal side of the spectrum, though recent songs have had a hopeful note to them. Check out "Oil Slick," "The Woodpile," and "Holy" from the new album for a peak at the new music. Hutchison's lyrics on the new album are backed by some pretty fantastic guitar arrangments, creating a sound that makes you hold your breath for each song. Though the heartbreak that once graced Frightened Rabbit's every tune is still certainly present, their entire record sounds exceedingly unapologetic and makes for a fantastic listen.

So, now you know who Frightened Rabbit is. Try not to get beat up by any of those, um, hipsters.

CV Love,