Who’s Up Next?: Moonroof Interview


What is better than finding out about a new band that you absolutely love? Finding out about them before they make it big!  Maybe it is the hipster complex hidden in all of us, but the desire to know about the next big thing before it is just that seems to be ever present for music fans everywhere. From looking around the local scene, one band in particular seemed to stick out: Moonroof.  They got their start in Bloomsburg, not too far away from Bucknell, and we were lucky enough to ask them a few questions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTZNPdJ_c5M&feature=youtu.be

First off, what is the story behind how the band was formed?

We all lived in the same building at Bloomsburg University. Dan (drums) heard Dave (vox) singing one day and asked him if he wanted to play some music. Dave and Kevin (bass/vox) were roommates, so Dave asked Kevin to join. Kevin asked Nick Cellucci (guitar/vox/keyboard). It was basically a chain reaction. A few years later, Nick Tate (guitar) joined.

Are all the current members founding members?

Dave, Dan, Nick and Kevin founded a band called The Big Picture. After Nick Tate joined, we changed the name to Moonroof and got a lot more serious about music.

From what I've read you guys used to be based out of Bloomburg but are now from Philly. What is the story behind why and what type of new opportunities has it brought you?

Bloomsburg will always hold a special place in our hearts, but we decided we wanted to be based out of somewhere with a little more reach. We’ve been able to find more shows to play in Philly, and we’ve been making more connections in the Philly music scene. Some venues have actually asked us to play shows, which is pretty cool.

Do all of you have a similar style of music you enjoy to listen to? And if so would you say the music you make fits that mold pretty well?

We have pretty diverse taste in music, so we all bring our own ideas and combine them to form our sound.

What genre would you guys define your music as?

Alternative indie dream-pop. Moonroof is still pretty new, so our sound is still developing and changing though.

You have a new single, how or where did you guys record it? And what was the writing and recording process for that song like?

We recorded our new single, “Boo Berry,” with our friend Kyle Steele who is a freelance audio engineer, over the past summer. We wrote this song on one of our last days in Bloomsburg before we graduated. It started out as an acoustic song.  We had the basic structure beforehand, but when we recorded we experimented with different layers and parts and kept what we liked. The song developed a lot as we recorded it actually. We’re really happy with how it turned out. If anyone wants some sweet recording done, we highly recommend Kyle (kyleandrewsteele@gmail.com).

Do you have any upcoming shows planned?

Yes, we’re playing at the Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia on December 18th, and we’re very excited and honored to get to be a part of that show.

Finally, what are your future goals as a band?

Our goals right now are to write more songs and live together in Philly. After that, we’re planning to play more shows and record. Long term, we want to take this as far as we can. We’d love to go on tour and make a lot of music and just have fun with it.