Why 8tracks Is Winning the Playlist Game


Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/98/8tracks_logo.jpg A playlist can seemingly make or break any situation: a good mix can put you in the zone, but a bad choice can easily kill your vibe. With so many options for pre-made music combinations out there, it can be hard to know where to find a great variety of music to perfectly fit your mood. When following your friends on Spotify or relying on iTunes Radio seems a little boring, I suggest trying out 8tracks.

I started using 8tracks early last year when I was desperate for more variety in my playlist options. My day consists of many phases of music from my morning shower jams to mellow study music to pregame pump-up. While I will always have favorites that will never get old, I love adding new music to my routine. 8tracks was the answer to my problem.

But what makes 8tracks different? Unlike streaming services and Internet radio, 8tracks is generated exclusively through uploaded MP3s or AACS. Users most often record these tracks from YouTube or radio sources. This allows for completely ad-free listening. Listeners can create accounts and save playlists that are open to the public. Playlists are categorized by hash tags, which, in addition to artist and genre, can be used as search terms. No downloads or payment required: this site (and app) is completely free. While all of this is great, my favorite part about 8tracks is the flexibility that YouTube sourcing provides. Unreleased covers, remixes, and edits are everywhere, making music discovery very possible. Considering the variety of music that exists on YouTube (and elsewhere), the possibilities for 8tracks are endless.

Here is a breakdown of my current favorite 8tracks playlist to get you started:

Bad Habits

This upbeat playlist is perfect for the indie lover. With a balance between well-known acts like The Strokes and The Kooks and some more obscure names, this is an anytime mix.

Dream a Little Dream of Me

The definition of old standards, this mix has everything from Nina Simone to Frank Sinatra. This playlist is an ode to everything jazz and it is close to perfection.


I have always been a fan of rainy days spent inside with good music and this playlist showcases one of my favorite 8tracks trends: tracks with added rain effects.

Black Coffee, Long Nights, and Secondhand Smoke

An alternative throwback playlist featuring The Smiths and Joy Division instantly makes me think of (500) Days of Summer. Tap into Tom’s brain with a look back at 80’s and 90’s alternative rock.

Work it Out

I am admittedly really picky about my work out music but this playlist definitely makes the cut. It features indie pop and electronic jams to keep you going.