WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK: Rihanna & Drake Reunite for Steamy, Two-Part Video


Without a doubt, you’ve heard the infectious vocals of Barbadian Pop Princess Rihanna beaming through these Bucknell halls recently, echoing “work work work work….” I’ll be honest. I did not f*ck with this song when it was initially released back in late January. I thought it was annoying and a major let down after previous Rihanna x Drake bangers like “What’s My Name” and “Take Care.” After watching the video, however, I completely changed my mind. It’s as though watching this duo of hip-hop royalty dance and party in a raw, ratchet manner and Caribbean, authentic atmosphere made me suddenly realize: this is Rihanna. Rih went back to her roots for this one. The first half of the video, directed by Director X, is set in “The Real Jerk”, a rowdy, Jamaican club and stars Rih, Drizzy, and a mass of other partiers all dancing like we all wish we could dance. Upon watching it with my roommates, we all professed that we wished Bucknell parties were like that. Drinks spilling everywhere and twerkers at every corner, who wouldn’t want to get down like that? It just looks like the best time, the ultimate release after a long work-week. The fashion is also classic Rihanna – ballsy, tropical, and bold. Drake, on the other hand, is seen reppin’ his personal label, “OVO” via a red, black, and white sweat suit. The chemistry between the two is palpable, particularly when Drake delivers the sweet line, “If you had a twin I would still choose you.”

When the song eventually comes to the end, the video does not. Rather, there is a quick “recharge” screen and suddenly, the light, blimpy beat starts up again. Directed by Tim Erem, this one takes on a much more modern and romantic vibe. It’s set in one-room that is dimly lit in pink and purple tones. The shot opens with Drake chillin’ on the couch while Rih dances up front. Admittedly, there is nothing extremely striking nor spectacular about either video. They are simple and straightforward, yet perfect. Each video, in a distinct way, presents the song for what it is: a dancing track. And let’s be honest, dancing is the best part of any party – so find a mirror, tune in below, and move those hips.