World-Famous Fitzwilliam String Quartet in Residence at Bucknell


The Fitzwilliam String Quartet, a world-renowned classical music ensemble, will be performing at Bucknell throughout the month of February.  The group has appeared in Lewisburg many times before and due to their popular reception from the local community, they will be in residence on campus from February 5th to 21st. The quartet features two violins, a viola, and cello, producing a rich sound that translates well to classical instrumental standards.  Their diverse repertoire encompasses music from various time periods and countries of origin ranging from 17th to 19th century European compositions.

The British-based Fitzwilliam String Quartet will not only perform in concert during their stay at Bucknell but will also participate in workshops and meet with classes to discuss their unique approach to classical performance.  The quartet is well-known for performing on a combination of historical and modern instruments.  For example, 1st violinist Lucy Russell alternates between playing modern and Baroque-style violins.  Constructed in keeping with designs from the 17th century, the use of a Baroque violin produces authentic sounds for traditional compositions.  This unique consideration results in a standout quality of the quartet’s music.

While the quartet residency provides unique benefits for Bucknell music students, Fitzwilliam String Quartet performances are open to the entire campus and can be a source of enrichment for those unfamiliar with the classical music world and classical music fans alike.  The quartet will be performing a concert on February 9th in Weis Music Building, and students are encouraged to experience and to enjoy the legendary Fitzwilliam performers.