Young the Giant Prepares for New Album with "It's About Time"


It's about time! Young the Giant announced the release of their sophomore effort, Mind Over Matter, releasing their lead single, "It's About Time". Set to be released January 21st, Mind Over Matter is the California band's follow-up to their 2011 eponymous debut album that featured such singles as "My Body" (certified Platinum) and "Cough Syrup" (certified Gold). The album finds the band exploring new musical territories, which can be heard in the edgier sound of "It's About Time". In "It's About Time", we see lead singer Sameer Gadhia expanding on the naturally poetic lyrics from Young the Giant, playfully penning assonantal lines such as "all the years of paradise/paradigms paralyze us," and while some lines fell short of this elevated language ("close the front door/I don't want to go/like I'm on the Truman Show), his lyrics are adventurous and energetic, complementing the grit of the instrumentation.

Visually, the music video is simple, yet stimulating, placing the band in a white room through a black and white filter. As the song progresses, the band begins to evaporate, calcify and explode in plumes of smoke. This video, which features only the band, acts as the counterpoint to their previous three music videos which involve vibrant colors, interesting scenery and a loose narrative, and gives some insight into Young the Giant's new direction.

Check out the single here, and be sure to buy the album!


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