Youtube Live


Everyone knows Youtube, the Internet’s premiere video hosting service, as a place to view hilarious, epic, and sometimes informative videos. However, there is an aspect of Youtube that is often overlooked, one that for me represents something greater – a place for bringing the live concert experience to the comfort of my dorm room. Youtube partners with the joint video sharing service, Vevo, which is co-operated by Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. While Vevo hosts solely official music videos, other channels on Youtube have been generated to promote live music to a worldwide audience. Both Bonnaroo and Coachella upload high-quality selections from their annual festivals to their interactive channels, allowing fans who missed out on the actual concert to still experience some of the magic. Check out Coachella’s feed here.

Other channels, such as NPR’s Tiny Desk series, help to showcase both prominent and lesser known artists in a more intimate setting. For example, check out this awesome example from The Tallest Man on Earth.

Youtube even offers full concerts online. Yes, that’s right, FULL CONCERTS. Don’t believe me? Just type in “full concert” into the Youtube search bar and see what comes up, it might surprise you.

Personally, I love going to see an artist perform and experiencing the power of a live act, but I can’t nearly afford to see all of the bands I want to see on a college budget. For me, these Youtube services allows me to hear all of the artists that I want to hear live without having to spend any money, nor leave the comfort of my home amenities. It’s a beautiful thing and I encourage anybody who is a fan of live music to check out some of the resources that Youtube offers.

Rock on.