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General Inquiries

Wondering where Campus Vinyl BucknellU came from, why we do the things we do, or just curious about the meaning of life? Email us at or contact our President, Morgan Klein ( Also, contact us about how we can make Campus Vinyl BucknellU better for you. We want your feedback!

Artist Spotlight Submissions

Is there someone that you strongly believe deserves the "Bucknell Spotlight"? Let us know! Email us at

Musician Profile and Student Group Submissions

Would you like to have your own personal musician profile or does your group need some representation on Campus Vinyl BucknellU? Please submit them to our President, Morgan Klein (

Partner with Campus Vinyl BucknellU

We LOVE events if you could not tell already. Contact our VP of Public Relations, Laur Hudson (, to inquire about partnering up with us.

Press Requests

Are we cool enough for you to do a feature on us? Awesome! Email our VP of Public Relations, Laur Hudson (, if you'd like some more information or to set up an interview.

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Interested in becoming a part of our staff? Have an article we might be interested in publishing? Check out the journalist position. To apply, email us at or contact our President, Morgan Klein (