Justin Eyster ('17)

My name is Justin Eyster. I'm a vocal and instrumental multi-musician from Selinsgrove PA. My experience ranges from vocal performance at venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York City, to weekly worship gigs at my local church, to full-fledged rock concerts at major venues. Apparitions Of Myself is my personal alternative rock project. Through Apparitions Of Myself, I write, record and perform music from the heart. My listeners, whether at one of my concerts or hearing my professional recordings, listen through an intense experience immersed in overflowing emotion. In the five years that I have been performing as a rock artist, I have already made a name for myself in the music scene, releasing two albums, receiving radio airtime and newspaper coverage, performing in front of over a thousand fans, acquiring endorsements and management deals, and playing concerts with many nationally renowned performing artists. I can proudly say that, as a musician, I’ve shared the stage with everyone from modern classical composer John Rutter to Solid State Records’ dynamic metal band My Heart To Fear.

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"[Justin's] voice has a haunting, but cool quality to it," says WFYY Radio's Tom Morgan, "kind of John Reznik/Goo Goo Dolls sound."
"I just listened to [Justin's] album, and I was really impressed" says Blaise DeAngelo, Director of Artist Relations at Grooveshark, "[his] music really sounds like it comes from the heart."
"Justin's music has a very nice, mellow sound," says WQSU's Terry Martin after playing "Letters That Were Never Sent" live on 88.9 The Pulse.





Email: jde012@bucknell.edu