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Beyond Unison is one of three co-ed a cappella groups on Bucknell’s campus. Members of Beyond Unison range from Music Majors to Management Majors and we share a love of a cappella and performing. In addition to showcasing our repertoire at our fall and spring concerts, we perform at “Christy’s” during Parent’s Weekend and tour during our fall break to senior members’ high schools and other universities. We also participate in campus wide events including Relay for Life and Take Back the Night.

In addition to performing for the campus and community, we edit, mix, and master tracks in order to produce professional quality CDs. This past spring, with the help of the production company, Liquid 5th (L5), we successfully recorded Voice Activated; Beyond Unison’s fourth CD. It includes tracks like Mumford and Son’s “The Cave,”Ellie Goulding’s “The Writer,” and Gavin DeGraw’s “Not Over You.” We pride ourselves in our complex arrangements, powerful group sound, talented soloists, and, of course, our undying BULOVE!


Claire Abram (Music Director) -'15

Taylor Schumann - '16

Madeline Kling - '17

Kiara Huertes - '14

Monique McCants - '14

Daisy Bourne (President) - '15

Alli Aaron - '16

Jen Terry (Jerry)- '16

Morgan Klein - '17

Tom Carle (Treasurer) - '14

Stephen Parrish (Vice President) - '14

Joey Stadel - '15

Tim Lambert - '17

Matt Micco - '12

Sam Ingram - '16

Max Ferrer - '17

Gyeol Yoon - '14

Marcus Schenck - '16


Listen to and download all of their albums on iTunes!