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Director: Catherine Payn

For more than 20 years, the Bucknell Opera Company has produced vibrant, diverse opera. Although the company roster is primarily music majors, it also includes auditioned undergraduate musicians whose fields of study represent many of the other curricular areas of the University. As continuing members of this ensemble, students sing roles each semester that support their vocal and musical development and allow them to explore both traditional and contemporary operatic literature. Bucknell Opera Company performances both on campus and off have gained particular acclaim for innovative productions of significant contemporary American works.

The Opera Outreach aspect of the Bucknell Opera Company takes opera into the community and local schools and draws students of various ages into performances on campus.

Students in the Bucknell Opera Company have the opportunity to interact with composers, directors, and singers in residencies, masterclasses and workshops on a regular basis. Metropolitan Opera soprano Heidi Grant Murphy and pianist Kevin Murphy, actor Curt Branom, and composers Jake Heggie, Lee Hoiby, Tom Johnson and Milton Granger are among past presenters of sessions for singers.