The Bison Chips are a group of talented gentlemen bonded together by their never-ending pursuit of wine, women, and song. Despite their uncharacteristic panache and boyish good looks, The Bison Chips have exuded a harmonious aura of awe-inspiring proclivities at Bucknell University for almost 40 years.

Sam Cohen '17

Eric Gowat '17

Rodney West '17

Robbie Johnson '16

Tom Krozner '16

Jimmy Sorenson '15

George Beatty '15

Will Smart '15

Connor Small '15

Andrew Kilman '15 - Treasurer

Michael Strauss '14

Harrison Mills '14

Justin Honigstein '14 - President


Past albums:

Other past albums include: Barbecue Chips Alive (1999), When the Chips Hit the Fan (1995), Twenty Years of Chips (1993), Dare to be Dung (1992), Naturally (1988), Out on Parole (1985), When the Chips are Up (1982)



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